A walking pole’s rush to freedom

a-walking-poles-attempt-at-freedomDelving in to the depths of cliché as is my wont, today I am going to start with the old adage ‘look after your equipment and it will look after you’.  Nothing can be truer than with my walking pole: a piece of kit that has stopped me falling down mountains, sinking into peat bogs and allowed me to show off my majoretting twirling skills down the pub.  Why then have I started just walking off without it?  Albeit a recent phenomenon, it is seemingly happening with alarming regularity and it doesn’t matter whether I am taking time to check where I am on a map; stocking up on supplies or undertaking the important task of re-hydrating at a local inn, I seem determined for us to go our separate ways.



# Date Location  
1 1st August 2016 Greenup Edge, Cumbria 54 degrees 29.071 N

3 degrees 06.262 W

2 2nd August 2016 Side Farm Campsite Café, Patterdale, Cumbria 54 degrees 32.277 N

2 degrees 55.899 W

3 6th August 2016


The Buck Hotel, Reeth, North Yorkshire 54 degrees 23.384 N

1 degrees 56.536 W

4 4th September 2016 Tesco Express, Hanging Hill Lane, Brentwood, Essex 51 degrees 37.858 N

0 degrees 20.760 W

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