1500 Miles in 2017

The 1,000 mile challenge set by Country Walking magazine.  What can I say? Smashed it. To all manner of smithereens. 500 to be precise, having passed the 1,000 miles on the 9th of September, I pushed on.  And on.  And on. Until on the 22nd December I made it to 1,500 miles and felt it was time to hibernate for the rest of the  year.

1500 Monthly Progress

Being an insufferable nerd, I did all manner of recording in order to verify my achievements and found that almost 1,000 miles were done just through the daily commute.  If that wasn’t enough, I walked 140 odd miles at lunchtime!  Crazy.

1500 Breakdown

On the downside, hiking made up just 160 miles so I’ll  definitely need to concentrate on quality, not quantity next year!

1500 Hiking Breakdown

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