Thames Path 2018 – 2019

Having walked bits and bobs of the Thames Path as part of the Jubilee Greenway and the Thames Path Challenge all the way from the start to Henley on Thames, I decided to do it properly.  So why, when I have already completed around 80 miles of this, do I not just start from Henley? Well, it would be quite nice to see the whole trail in the day time and there’s and to have a defined start and end to the route (weird, I know).

However, despite the sections of the train in Greater London being perfect candidates for winter walking and the official website stating that the prevailing wind is from the west making it a good idea to walk from the source to the Thames Barrier, where’s the fun in that? I want to pretend I am doctor Livingstone searching for the source of the Nile, So I am going the other way.  This also means I don’t need to worry about the planning of getting to the more remote sections until later.

The Blog

  • The Thames Path
  • Day One: Thames Barrier to Putney (19 Miles)
  • Day Two: Putney to Hampton Court (18 miles)

  • Day Three: Greenwich to Putney (15.5 miles)
  • Day Four: Putney to Hampton Court (16 miles)

  • Day Five: Hampton Court to Windsor (20 miles)
  • Day Six: Windsor to Henley-on-Thames (22.5 miles)
  • Day Seven: Henley-on-Thames to chosley (12.5 miles)
  • Day Eight: chosley to Dorchester (20.75 miles)
  • Day Nine: Dorchester to Oxford (17.5 miles)
  • Day Ten: Oxford to Tadpole Bridge (20 miles)
  • Day Eleven Tadpole Bridge to Lechlade (10.5 miles)
  • Day Twelve: Lechlade to Cricklade (11 miles)
  • Day Thirteen: Cricklade to The Source (12 miles)

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