Back on the road

Inspired by my week cycling in Mallorca, I was itching to get my Ribble Sportive 7046, which had been idle in a garage for one year and collecting dust in a bedroom for three,  back on the road.  So on the 10th March I took the cobweb covered, dust smothered machine over to Evans Cycles in Chelmsford.  Slightly embarrassed by its state, I was greeted … Continue reading Back on the road

June & July 2017 Monthly Babble

Well, not only have I been rubbish in art of blogging recently, I have also been pretty shocking in actually getting out there and walking. This should pick up with August upon us and a summer holiday packed full of walking intent, but first, what of June & July? Urban Walking Well, the first weekend of June didn’t quite go to plan, with the great … Continue reading June & July 2017 Monthly Babble

May 2017 Monthly Babble

Since coming back from the West Highland Way and making sure I didn’t incur the wrath of medical professionals, I have been mainly resting up to avoid any lasting effects from injuries sustained on the West Highland Way.  So although I haven’t done a great deal of walking, I have been doing a lot of planning, which I feel is almost exactly the same thing. … Continue reading May 2017 Monthly Babble

Mountnessing March

START TIME: 13:17 FINISH TIME: 13:55  DISTANCE: 10.1 miles / 16.18km Not a lot to say about this walk really, except it is getting really difficult to name them.  I am going to have to go with the slightly dull, but nevertheless alliterative, Mountnessing March. The actual route is based on Brentwood Council’s 6.5 mile long  Ingatestone & Mountessing Countryside Walk .  As I am trying to avoid … Continue reading Mountnessing March

The Viper

  START TIME: 13:09 FINISH TIME: 17:44  DISTANCE: 17.33 miles / 27.9km So, I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t be going out today as I really had too much work to do around the flat, but by 12:30, I had cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the carpets and polished lots of stuff to within an inch of their lives.  There was nothing on the telly-me-box, it was hot and … Continue reading The Viper

Brentwood to Brentwood

START TIME: 3:57  FINISH TIME: 17:28  DISTANCE: 41.25 miles / 66.4km This is my second loooong training walk for the 100km Thames Path Challenge.  The first being 30 miles from Brentwood to Witham on the 30th April 2016 in which I discovered that it is much better to end up at home after a long day in the walking boot and put your feet up straight away than having … Continue reading Brentwood to Brentwood