Back on the road

Inspired by my week cycling in Mallorca, I was itching to get my Ribble Sportive 7046, which had been idle in a garage for one year and collecting dust in a bedroom for three,  back on the road.  So on the 10th March I took the cobweb covered, dust smothered machine over to Evans Cycles in Chelmsford.  Slightly embarrassed by its state, I was greeted … Continue reading Back on the road

Brian and the Yorkshire Three Peaks

According to the Met Office website, on the 21st of October 2017 the resulting weather system after the Hurricane Ophelia resulted in Storm Brian being given its name by Met Éireann.  As fate would have it, this was also the weekend that the combined schedules of myself and a friend had settled on weeks before to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks.  A weekend still within British … Continue reading Brian and the Yorkshire Three Peaks

August 2017 Monthly Babble: Five Peaks and a Zip Wire

London must have started spinning. Not only that, it must have started spinning at such a rate that it is has developed its own gravitation pull to such an extent that, on Friday 3rd August 2017, it was almost impossible to break free of the M25 Orbit. I managed to negotiate leaving work a whole 45 minutes early with the intention of getting away from … Continue reading August 2017 Monthly Babble: Five Peaks and a Zip Wire

June & July 2017 Monthly Babble

Well, not only have I been rubbish in art of blogging recently, I have also been pretty shocking in actually getting out there and walking. This should pick up with August upon us and a summer holiday packed full of walking intent, but first, what of June & July? Urban Walking Well, the first weekend of June didn’t quite go to plan, with the great … Continue reading June & July 2017 Monthly Babble