August 2017 Monthly Babble: Five Peaks and a Zip Wire

London must have started spinning. Not only that, it must have started spinning at such a rate that it is has developed its own gravitation pull to such an extent that, on Friday 3rd August 2017, it was almost impossible to break free of the M25 Orbit. I managed to negotiate leaving work a whole 45 minutes early with the intention of getting away from … Continue reading August 2017 Monthly Babble: Five Peaks and a Zip Wire

June & July 2017 Monthly Babble

Well, not only have I been rubbish in art of blogging recently, I have also been pretty shocking in actually getting out there and walking. This should pick up with August upon us and a summer holiday packed full of walking intent, but first, what of June & July? Urban Walking Well, the first weekend of June didn’t quite go to plan, with the great … Continue reading June & July 2017 Monthly Babble

May 2017 Monthly Babble

Since coming back from the West Highland Way and making sure I didn’t incur the wrath of medical professionals, I have been mainly resting up to avoid any lasting effects from injuries sustained on the West Highland Way.  So although I haven’t done a great deal of walking, I have been doing a lot of planning, which I feel is almost exactly the same thing. … Continue reading May 2017 Monthly Babble